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3004, 2023

Unfair Competition – Keti 94 OOD v Kaufland Bulgaria EOOD

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Advocate Markov’s expertise played a significant role in proving Kaufland Bulgaria’s unfair competition practices and ultimately winning the case. Markov’s brilliant work was crucial to the successful outcome of the legal battle. “Kaufland Bulgaria” has been ordered to pay a fine of BGN 343,417 ($196,300) by the [...]

1004, 2023

SMP Solutions, Hungary acquiring DSK Bank subsidiary TranSecurity

Corporate and financial law, Featured, Work highlights|

In a significant move within the banking and financial security sector, SMP Solutions, Hungary, has recently acquired TranSecurity, a subsidiary of the renowned DSK Bank. This acquisition highlights SMP Solutions' strategic expansion and its commitment to enhancing financial security services. Background of the Entities Involved SMP Solutions, [...]

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