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Relocating a business or oneself to Bulgaria emerges as a strategic move for tax optimization and business expansion, especially for Western European companies. This trend is driven not only by Bulgaria's attractive tax regime and relatively lower labor costs but also by government incentives aimed at foreign investors. This article explores the multifaceted advantages of relocating to Bulgaria, spanning tax benefits, government stimulus, and strategic location.

Tax Advantages in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s tax system is notably advantageous for businesses and individuals:

  1. Low Corporate and Personal Income Tax: With a flat rate of 10%, Bulgaria offers the lowest corporate and personal income tax rates in the European Union, making it an attractive destination for tax efficiency.
  2. Dividend Taxation: Dividends are taxed at a mere 5%, further enhancing the country’s appeal for investors and business owners. Furthermore, when dividends are distributed to parent companies based within the EU, the tax rate is reduced to an exceptional 0%, presenting an even more advantageous fiscal environment for cross-border investments within the European Union
  3. Social Contributions Cap: The social contributions are capped at a monthly salary of 3550 BGN. This means that salaries above this threshold are exempt from additional social contributions, being subject only to the income tax. For instance, if your salary is 10,000 BGN, social contributions would be levied only on the first 3,550 BGN. The remaining amount up to 10,000 BGN would be subject to a 10% personal income tax.
  4. Freelancers Benefit from Lower Tax Rates: Freelancers are entitled to a 25% deduction for approved expenses, applied directly to their annual turnover. For example, with an annual turnover of 100,000 EUR, freelancers are not obligated to provide evidence for these expenses. Consequently, they are taxed only on 75,000 EUR of their income. This results in an effective personal income tax rate of just 7.5%.

Government Stimulus for Business

Bulgaria’s government provides substantial incentives to foreign investors:

  1. Land Grants and Reduced Prices: Medium and large businesses can benefit from government initiatives like being granted land for facility construction without a public tender or at significantly reduced prices.
  2. Infrastructure Support: The government also facilitates by providing essential infrastructure, such as road access and utilities, ensuring that the facilities are easily accessible.
  3. Social Contribution Exemptions: Additionally, Bulgaria offers favorable conditions regarding social contributions for employees. In certain scenarios, businesses may be exempt from paying these contributions, thereby reducing the overall cost of employment and enhancing the financial viability of hiring and maintaining a workforce

Strategic Location Benefits

Bulgaria’s geographical position offers logistical advantages:

  1. Gateway to Asia and Europe: Strategically located as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Bulgaria is an ideal base for companies looking to streamline their operations.
  2. Efficient Transportation: Companies can reduce dependency on long and costly transportation from Asia, like Vietnam, by setting up production units in Bulgaria. Road transport to Western Europe from Bulgaria is faster and more efficient, taking just a few days.

Other Notable Advantages

Beyond the obvious fiscal and location benefits, Bulgaria offers several other advantages:

  1. Skilled Workforce: Despite the recent increase in salaries, Bulgaria still offers a pool of skilled labor at competitive costs compared to Western Europe.
  2. Business-Friendly Environment: The ease of doing business in Bulgaria is enhanced by government policies and a stable economic environment, making it conducive for foreign investments.
  3. Quality of Life: Bulgaria also offers a high quality of life with its rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and a relatively low cost of living, which can be a significant factor for individuals considering relocation.


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