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In the dynamic world of global mobility, obtaining a residency visa in Bulgaria can be a seamless process with the right legal support. Advocate Markov and his expert team are at the forefront of providing comprehensive assistance for various types of D visas and residency options in Bulgaria, catering to a diverse range of needs and circumstances.

Retirement D Visas

For those seeking a retirement in the picturesque landscapes of Bulgaria, Advocate Markov’s team specializes in obtaining Retirement D visas. These visas are ideal for retirees who wish to enjoy their golden years in Bulgaria’s peaceful environment. The team’s expertise ensures that clients navigate the application process smoothly, addressing any legal complexities and ensuring compliance with Bulgarian immigration laws. The Bulgarian Retirement Visa is effectively a Schengen Visa, granting broader travel freedoms within the Schengen Area.

Representative D Visas

Non-EU company owners looking to expand their operations in Bulgaria or represent their company can rely on Advocate Markov’s team for acquiring Representative D visas. These visas are tailored for business representatives who need to stay in Bulgaria for promoting their business activities in Bulgaria. The team’s proficiency in commercial law and immigration regulations provides clients with a strategic advantage in establishing and conducting business in Bulgaria.

Business D visas

Business D visas, in contrast to Representative D visas, require employing 10 local Bulgarian citizens for each D visa applicant. Therefore, if you have 3 partners in your Bulgarian company, you must employ and maintain the employment of at least 30 Bulgarian citizens. This requirement makes the Representative D visa a more attractive option compared to the Business D visa.

Family D Visas

In Bulgaria, the process of family reunification varies depending on the status of the main applicant – whether they are non-EU citizens, EU citizens, or Bulgarian citizens, all wishing to bring their non-EU family members to the country. For more details, please read our dedicate page about Family Reunification in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Golden Visa: An Investment Path to Residency

For investors, the Bulgaria Golden Visa presents an attractive route to residency. Advocate Markov’s team offers professional guidance in navigating the investment requirements of this program. Whether it’s through real estate investment or other qualifying financial contributions, the team assists clients in making informed investment decisions that align with their goals and facilitate the acquisition of the Golden Visa.

Comprehensive Support and Expert Guidance

Throughout each step of the visa and residency application process, Advocate Markov and his team provide personalized support, ensuring clients understand their options and the requirements involved. Their extensive experience in immigration law means clients receive expert advice and representation, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a successful application.


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