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The majority of tax complications in Bulgaria are not typically due to tax fraud or avoidance, but rather stem from a lack of familiarity with the nation's tax and accounting legislation. Common issues often include the failure to declare VAT transactions, misunderstandings of tax regulations, errors in financial reporting, misinterpretation of taxable income, and discrepancies in expense deductions.

The Law Firm of Advocate Markov hosts an in-house accounting department, serving over 400 local and international clients.  The diverse array of clients has immensely enriched the expertise of our chartered accountants and augmented the tax litigation experience of our lawyers. In the realm of tax law, and indeed in legal practice generally, particularly in Eastern Europe, success hinges not just on knowledge, but also on experience and strong working relationships with entities like the National Revenue Agency and local courts.

While being a knowledgeable lawyer is fundamental, it is the combination of this knowledge with extensive experience in dispute resolution and tax litigation that truly drives impressive results. Our firm is committed to this comprehensive approach, ensuring that our clients receive not only informed legal advice but also practical, effective solutions in navigating their legal challenges.

Tax-Related Legal Services that our team provides

  • Legal Defence in Tax Cases: We provide robust legal defence in various tax-related disputes, ensuring your interests are represented effectively in court.
  • Audit Representation: Our team offers comprehensive representation during audit processes, helping to mitigate potential issues and disputes.
  • Administrative Act Appeals: We specialize in appealing against decisions made by tax authorities, striving to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.
  • Defence in Tax Audit Cases: Facing a tax audit can be daunting, but our team is equipped to provide the necessary legal defence and support throughout the process.
  • Representation Before the National Revenue Agency: Our services extend to representing clients before the National Revenue Agency, ensuring their cases are handled professionally and effectively.
  • Representation Before the Administrative Courts: After completing proceedings with the National Revenue Agency, we can represent you before the Administrative Courts in Bulgaria. These courts are specifically tasked with handling cases related to the Tax Office.
  • Tax Law Consultations: We offer in-depth consultations on various tax law issues and cases, providing you with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate complex tax scenarios.
  • VAT Recovery Services: Our legal team assists with VAT recovery in Bulgaria and EU, helping to reclaim any overpaid tax and improving your business’s cash flow.
  • Tax Planning: Strategic tax planning is crucial for both individuals and businesses. We provide tailored tax planning services to help you optimize your tax position in Bulgaria and internationally.
  • Representation Before Tax Authorities: We represent clients in interactions with tax authorities, ensuring that their cases are presented accurately and effectively.

Our commitment to you:

Equipped with a robust tax and accounting team, our firm ensures that your company adheres to international accounting standards. Should you face any tax controls or audits, our professional team is prepared to defend and protect your interests effectively.


Our Tax Law & Auditing Services

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