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Bulgaria is gradually but consistently moving towards a more liberal approach in reviewing citizenship applications, aligning with the trends of its strategic partners.

Bulgaria is gradually but consistently moving towards a more liberal approach in reviewing citizenship applications, aligning with the trends of other Schengen member states. This shift is enhancing the appeal of Bulgarian citizenship among a broader audience. This progressive trend reflects Bulgaria’s commitment to evolving its citizenship policies, making them more accessible and attractive to potential applicants globally.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Origin

Bulgaria offers citizenship by origin to individuals under several categories:

  1. Descent: Individuals with Bulgarian ancestry up to three generations back are eligible. This means if one of your great-grandparents was of Bulgarian origin, you qualify to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin.
  2. Adoption: Those adopted by a Bulgarian citizen under full adoption conditions are also eligible.
  3. Parentage: If one of your parents is, or was at the time of their death, a Bulgarian citizen, you can apply for citizenship.

Should you lack the official documents to prove your Bulgarian origin, our team is prepared to assist in verifying your descent. We can check records both in your home country and with Bulgarian authorities to validate your claim.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Naturalization

The process for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through naturalization is showing a trend of increasingly favorable outcomes. To be eligible, you should:

  • Have held permanent or long-term residency status in Bulgaria for the past 5 years.
  • Be fluent in the Bulgarian language or have been exempted from the language test.
  • Have a clean criminal record.

With these criteria met, applicants can generally anticipate their citizenship applications being approved. This trend indicates a more welcoming approach by Bulgarian authorities towards those who have established strong ties and commitments to the country.

Bulgarian Golden Visa

The Bulgarian Golden Visa program serves as a pivotal pathway for acquiring indefinite permanent residency status, and potentially, citizenship in Bulgaria. Through this program, applicants can secure an indefinite permanent residency status, accompanied by a renewable 5-year permanent residency card.

Securing the 5-year permanent residency is a significant milestone for Golden Visa holders. It fulfils the necessary legal residency requirement in Bulgaria, laying a solid groundwork for a future citizenship application. This well-structured route provides investors and their families with not just the opportunity to reside in Bulgaria, but also to fully immerse themselves into the Bulgarian way of life, fostering integration into the community and setting the stage for eventual citizenship.

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