SMP Solutions, Hungary acquiring DSK Bank subsidiary TranSecurity

April 10, 2023

In a significant move within the banking and financial security sector, SMP Solutions, Hungary, has recently acquired TranSecurity, a subsidiary of the renowned DSK Bank. This acquisition highlights SMP Solutions’ strategic expansion and its commitment to enhancing financial security services.

Background of the Entities Involved

SMP Solutions, based in Hungary, has been a key player in providing innovative solutions in the realm of financial security in Central and Eastern Europe. Their expertise lies in offering advanced systems designed to safeguard financial transactions and data integrity. On the other hand, TranSecurity, operating under the umbrella of DSK Bank, has established itself as a significant entity in the field of transaction security, particularly known for its robust security protocols and customer-centric services.

The Strategic Acquisition

The acquisition of TranSecurity by SMP Solutions represents a strategic alignment of two entities focused on financial security and technology. This move is expected to bolster SMP Solutions’ portfolio of services while extending its reach and capabilities in the financial security.


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