Bulgaria AIF – Fund JSC

April 30, 2023
Bulgaria Golden Visa

logo aif.bg - Bulgaria Alternative Investments FundsAdvocate Markov assisted in the establishment of Bulgaria AIF – Fund JSC, one of the first Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in the country. Ha also contributed significantly to the formation of its management entity, Bulgaria Fund Management Ltd. The MAIF has been duly approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission to manage Alternative Investment funds within Bulgaria.

Advocate Markov provided comprehensive legal support throughout the entire process of setting up the AIF, from drafting the necessary legal documents to obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. This included advising on compliance with local legislation and EU regulations, and ensuring the fund’s legal and operational structure was aligned with its investment objectives.

Alternative Investment Funds are gaining popularity as a new asset class in Bulgaria, and the establishment of Bulgaria AIF – Fund JSC is expected to further fuel this growth. The Fund is strategically positioned to invest in a diverse array of assets, encompassing real estate, private equity, and debt instruments. This diversification offers investors a compelling alternative to traditional investment avenues, with all assets based within Bulgaria.

Management of the Bulgaria AIF – Fund JSC is entrusted to the Bulgaria Fund Management company, an entity fully accredited by the Financial Supervision Commission as a Manager of Alternative Investment Funds. This accreditation establishes the Bulgaria AIF – Fund JSC as an attractive option for foreign investors, especially those seeking to leverage the Bulgaria Golden Visa program. To be eligible for this program, investors must commit a minimum of 512,000 EUR in Funds that exclusively invest in Bulgarian-based assets and whose management operations are established within Bulgaria.

Establishing an AIF in Bulgaria

If you require support in setting up an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) in Bulgaria to align with the Bulgarian Golden Visa program requirements, our proficient team is here to help. We will navigate you through every step of the process, encompassing the initial establishment, ongoing compliance and regulatory adherence, as well as managing the accounting and auditing of investor contributions to the Fund.

Management of AIF in Bulgaria

Our team is equipped to facilitate the approval of your entity as a Manager of Alternative Investment Funds (MAIF) by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. Additionally, we can provide assistance with an already registered MAIF, enabling you to commence operations promptly and efficiently.

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